Amanda Seyfried nude pictures leaked! (NSFW)

Amanda Seyfried’s nude pictures were leaked on March 16th in a massive celebrity iCloud hack dubbed “The Fappening 2”. Previously, in end 2014 the first major hack happened, with famous celebrities hacked, names like Jennifer Lawrence, Vanessa Hudgens and Kate Upton. Nobody would expect this to happen for a second time, but it just did. Amanda Seyfried’s nude pictures were hacked, and supposedly Emma Watson had a sex tape leaked. Tons of less famous, but evenly hot celebrities were hacked and can be seen here.

Amanda Seyfried quickly put the leak behind her and married her partner Thomas Sadoski in secret. Amanda’s new husband proudly flashed his wedding ring on The Late Late Show with James Cordon. Other celebrities took it different, for example Trieste Kelly Dunn, who also got hacked, apologised to her fans on Twitter. Definitely strange times, when someone being hacked has to apologise for that. Either way, that’s not important now.

In the nude pictures, Amanda Seyfried can be seen giving a blowjob to her husband. Along with some other nudes where she poses sexy and goofs around. You can see the pictures below.

These were all the pictures for now, but if you visit this site you will surely find a lot more pictures and sextapes of other A-list celebrities.